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I am pleased to extend a warm welcome to you on behalf of CBS. We hope that your employment with us will be a beneficial and rewarding experience. We anticipate that your skills and experience will add significant value to our audience, clients, and to the overall organisation. In order to assist you in a smooth and successful transition, I ask you to participate fully in a number of procedures in the initial days and weeks of employment. They include but are not limited to the following:

  • Meet with Human Resources (HR) to receive orientation, information and to complete required forms
  • Carefully review the employee handbook
  • Meet with your supervisor or manager orientation and training
  • Complete the initial six (6)months probation period

These processes are most effective with mutual ownership. Managing your development at CBS is primarily your responsibility. However, achieving ongoing personal development requires a partnership between you, your supervisor or manager and CBS. Therefore you are encouraged to be proactive to discuss and/or schedule any of these steps.

Your Human Resources representative is here to provide information and support to help you reach your optimum performance levels at CBS. You are encouraged to contact your HR representative at any time during your transition or beyond.

Thank you for choosing CBS as your Employer of Choice.

CEO Continental Broadcasting Service


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