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About us


Our journey started back in 1992. We started locally here in Slovenija and slowly expanded towards EU country’s specialising in VAT accounting and TAX consulting.

We slowly expanded to complete business solutions. Covering salaries, consulting, billing etc. We now service over 700 clients world wide and have Offices present in 7 countries.

We focus on salary managing, accounting, tax regulations, VAT consulting and managing, business consulting, transaction managing and administration overall. With network of professional staff here and abroad we will bring you a level of sophistication which has no competition.

Get in touch with us on our toll free number 00808 6584 568945 and our consultants will be glad to give you free advice and send you an offer.

Join our story and lets build your business together. Expand and grow without worrying about your finances and administration do as you began and stay happy.

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Andrew Hanlon

Lemi Olalemi began his career in broadcasting at Radio Lagos and Lagos Television (LTV) as a producer. He later became the pioneer Director of Programmes at Channels TV (Nigeria), before acting as a technical and programming consultant for MITV and Africa Independent Television (AIT). Lemi has also been an editorial consultant for ICNL, publishers of THE NEWS and Tempo magazines. At Britain, he worked for the Bank of New York (Europe) and after 11 years in the UK, Lemi returned to a democratic Nigeria in 2008. He is presently the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at TVC Communications.

Lemi Olalemi

Chief Operating Officer
Ronan is an International Media Executive, Commercial Leader, and Change Agent with a distinguished career in Africa and Europe. In his career, he has worked for some of the leading Global "Media and Advertising" Groups. As the Commercial Director at TVC Communications, he is responsible for all revenue generating channels. Ronan is creative and has a distinctive way of reaching his target.

Ronan Redmond

Commercial Director

Administrative services

Focus on your business

In over 14 countries world wide and with over 200 employees we truly cover all aspects of your business, let us bring you back the joy to your work

Tax Consulting

Bringing you top value

We understand the importance of well organised tax accounting. We get the most out of it and keep following all the changes in the law all year long.